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Anaerobic Microbiology Products

Gassing Station

manifold photo

Serious work in anaerobic microbiology is impossible without sparging media and labware with an anoxic gas. Our gas distribution manifold can take up to three different gases and distrubute them over ten individual spigots. Each spigot is individually regulated. As the gas flows through the manifold, it is additionally purified by an oxygen trap. The picture shows our newest model that is lightweight and sturdy. Please watch a video.

Growth Under Pressure

vessel photo

Some microbes like it under pressure (e.g., Methanococcus maripaludis)! A stainless steel vessel with a heavy lid secured with a tri-clamp will do the job. The lid features a Balch-tube port for sampling and "quick connect" fitting to provide pressurized gas.

Needle Pressure Gauge

gauge photo

When your microbes emit corrosive gases such as H2S and you want to measure pressure in your Balch / serum tubes (or other vessels for that matter), a regular pressure gauge won't last long. In order to protect the gauge, we provide a diaphragm that acts as a barrier between the sensitive electronics / mechanics of the gauge and the corrosive atmosphere produced by your microbes. Take a look at the video featuring our needle pressure gauge!

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