Personalized Research and Engineering

Buddyengineer is a small, family-owned business focused on developing novel research equipment to fit your project. If you need a piece of research equipment that is not commercially available, that’s where Buddy Engineer comes in. Contact us, tell us about your project and what you need a device to do and we’ll build it for you.

Expert Consulting

At Buddyengineer we’re researchers, too. So if you need a piece of equipment that exchanges gasses in media we can help you. If you want to condition a fuel cell we can help you. We understand that you are measuring and creating and growing stuff under certain conditions that may have never been done before in a lab setting. We will partner with you and build something to make your life easier.

The Anaerobic Gas Manifold

Our most popular prototype is the gas exchange manifold. Alex and I were working together in a micro lab and needed a way to remove oxygen from our growth media and replace it with an anaerobic blend of gasses to grow our bugs. We couldn’t buy a device to do this for us on the market, so we built it ourselves. As it turned out there were many other labs with a similar problem. We can build one for you based on the needs of your lab.

This is one of our early models. It contains input valves for three different gasses, a “dead man’s” switch to help ensure no gas leaks if the gas valve is left open accidentally, a premium oxygen scrubber, a flow meter, pressure meter, a pressure release valve, and six outputs. It’s lightweight, compact, and can be easily mounted on a bench or wall.